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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text sent to your computer by a website you visit to be saved and  recalled when you visit the website again.
Some cookies are neccessary for the website to properly function, others are useful to the user, since they can save names and langauge settings. This results in the advantage, that a user does not have to manually insert some of their information into the website on every visit. We use cookies, to provide an optimised brwosing experience to our clients. The data we safe is only being used for statistical evaluation and can not be back-tracked to the users identity. Once analysed, the user related inforamation will be deleted.

What kind of cookies are we using on this website?

We are not using any profiling cookies or third party cookies.

In particular this website uses:

  • technical cookies, which are neccessary for the proper functioning of the website and the utilization of our contents and services (session and function cookies);
  • analysis cookies, which are used to survery anonymized aggregated data concerning the usage of our website (e.g. number of users, visited websites, time spent on our website)

Utilization of Matomo Analytics

This website is using the open source web analysis software Matomo Analytics. Matomo is using so called cookies, small text fies, which are being saved on your computer and facilitate an analysis of the websites usage.
The cookie data generated by your usage of this website is being stored on one of our server here in Italy.
Your IP adress will be anonymized immediately after the cookie data has been analysed.

The web analysis has been blocked by your adblocker. Please disbale it to facilitate the websites proper functioning.

Visiting any of our websites will result in a banner popping up at the bottom of your screen informing the user about privacy guidlines and providing a link with further elaboration on the topic. Clicking on "Accept" is considered as agreeing with our privacy policy. The agreement will be saved as a technical cookie, hence requiring recurring action when visiting our website again.

The user can prevent the storage of cookies on their own device at any time by deactivating the cookie function in the respective browser.

Further information on the deactivation of cookies can be found here:

Cookies can be deleted using the respective browser settings (also the technical cookies, which represent the agreement to our cookie policy). Please consider that deactivating some or all cookies might result in some sections or functions of this website not working properly anymore; under circumstances you will have to manually reinsert your information every time you revist our website.


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