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10/21/2022 - 8:00 PM Uhr

Alps Move 2022: Radix

Tanzkollektiv Südtirol/Collettivo Danza Alto Adige

World premiere

The root is a leafless, mostly underground part of a plant that, anchored in the soil, absorbs water and nutrients and serves as a storage organ.

The root network (radix) creates the basis on which life develops, adapts and changes, like a tree that stretches out its branches in the direction where they can best unfold. Thus, every plant is built on a complex system, with each smallest part communicating and interacting with each other, weaving a dense web in this way. In the dance production "Radix", dance makers from South Tyrol meet on fertile terrain, stretch their roots into the soil, explore the relationship of their bodies to each other and their behaviour towards each other. The dancers and choreographers work together on the concept of collective intelligence in order to understand some key moments of life and evolution. In this choreographic collaboration, the aim is to create a framework that is in turn part of a larger whole, leading to an interconnected system such as that of society, the internet, the forest, the financial markets, the human brain and the light of each star.

Concept, project management: Martina Marini
Collaboration on the concept: Sabrina Fraternali
Choreography: Martina Marini, Riccardo Meneghini, Marion Sparber
Performers: Stefania Bertola, Rebecca Dirler, Alan Fuentes Guerra, Iosu Lezameta, Riccardo Meneghini, Giulia Tornarolli, Marion Sparber
Photo & Video: Gregor Marini
Production: Tanzkollektiv Südtirol/Collettivo Danza Alto Adige

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Ticket prices:
Euro 12 normal price
Euro 7 reduced (students, senior citizens over 65)

Reservations are strongly recommended!

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