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2/23/2023 - 8:00 PM Uhr

Multivision experience evening: AUSTRALIA - a year of freedom

In the beginning there was a dream. To feel true freedom for a year, to drive and stay wherever the wind blows and to get to know the red continent in all its diversity.

Aneta and Dirk Bleyer planned and saved for a long time, because it was clear that they would only find true freedom with an off-road jeep. In the northernmost tip of Australia, the photographers, who also work with National Geographic and Stern, were on the road on adventurous tracks that even few Australians drive on. They drove over islands made entirely of sand and penetrated deep into the red centre of the outback. Even though the distances they had to cover were often gigantic, in the end the diversity of the Australian landscape left them downright speechless. The mixture between aridity, salt and mineral resources create landscapes of surreal beauty. Pink lakes next to azure seas beguile the senses just as much as narrow gorges whose highly ferrous rocks make the landscape literally glow in the early and late sunlight. But the travel journalists also came across a number of curiosities. In the rainforest of Tasmania, fluorescent mushrooms glimmer, on the coast the water breaks in the pitch dark with intense blue glowing waves. Kangaroos on the beach in the south are replaced by crocodiles in the north. Heart-warming are the encounters with the Australians themselves. Mr. Campbell, who in his advanced age carries on the spirit of the Australian migrant worker, Jeff, who gives a deep insight into the deprived life on the isolated stations as well as the many Aboriginal communities fighting for equality in society.

With a lot of humour they report about their sometimes very adventurous undertakings and tell exciting and knowledgeable stories about the country and its people. Everything is crowned with brilliant photography that makes every picture a delight and the entire show extremely entertaining.

Look forward to extraordinary pictures, many insider tips and exciting stories with off-road vehicles, aeroplanes, diving equipment and hiking boots from the Red Continent and the feeling of a year of true freedom!

Portrait of Aneta Szydlak-Bleyer and Dirk Bleyer 
The photographer couple have been travelling the world with photo and film cameras for over 25 years.
Aneta looks back on a successful career in contemporary dance. But travelling has always been her passion and her job has given her the opportunity to realise projects in different countries. For a long time she lived in London and New York until fate brought her to Germany. Since she swapped the theatre stage for the "open air stage" of our world, she captures the wonders of nature with her camera.
If he had lived in the late Middle Ages, he would probably have sailed as a sailor to unknown climes. With Columbus towards the west or with Bartolomeu Diaz along the African coast further and further south.
Today, for a quarter of a century, Dirk Bleyer has been making his way through areas such as the jungles of New Guinea or the Masurian Lake District. His adventure began with a two-and-a-half-year crossing of Africa from north to south, then he travelled through South-East Asia for a year and a half.
East Asia for a year and a half. Every day on the road brought more intense impressions of the host country.
When the two met, it was clear that they shared the same passion. Since then, they have been discovering and photographing the world together. Their photographs have appeared in numerous exhibitions, illustrated books (e.g. by National Geographic and Knesebeck Verlag) and photo calendars.
photo calendars. Among others, their pictures have been published in renowned magazines such as "Stern", "Abenteuer & Reisen", "Merian", "Der Spiegel", GEO, National Geographic and many more.
As a photojournalist and travel narrator, Dirk has been presenting his multivisions for more than 20 years. Almost from the beginning, his finely humorous but profound shows were awarded the coveted "Leicavision" rating, which only ten speakers received at the time. He also leads photo tours to Iceland, Germany and Venice and passes on his experience in numerous workshops and seminars.
in numerous workshops and seminars.
Meanwhile, he also shares the stage with Aneta, who enriches the shows with her very personal view. Her empathetic multivisions bear the distinction "The Fine Art of Photography" - and that is apt. They are captivating chronicles of exciting journeys of discovery with the camera. Very personal and yet universal. Powerful images to be remembered.
In 1997, Dirk Bleyer was appointed to the GBV (Gesellschaft für Bild und Vortrag), a professional association whose aim is to promote high-quality reportage. Bleyer has been active on the association's board since 2002. 

In geman language!

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Lufthansa City Center
MEIN REISEBÜRO d. Marius Gebhard
Plosestrasse 40c
39042 Bressanone

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Adults (18 - 99 years): 14 euros.
Tickets available at the box office or in advance at the travel agency!
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