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The cultural center Astra right next door offers rooms for cultural exchange, experiments and cultural production.

The cultural center Astra Brixen is a public institution and is managed by Stadtwerke Brixen AG.

After extensive renovation work, the Astra Bx has been open to the public since October 2019. With a total of 670m² of usable space on two floors, several rooms can be used in parallel for cultural events, workshops or lectures.

The Astra Brixen is a platform for cultural exchange, an experiment room and a production facility. Here artists, associations and collectives can present themselves and find an audience. Young and young-at-heart cultural players will find optimal framework conditions in Astra Brixen to implement experimental and innovative cultural concepts and to become part of a larger network. The main hall in the Astra Brixen is both a stage and a cinema: equipped with the latest audio and video technology, the Brixen Film Club uses it for the weekly film screenings.

Total surface: 670m² on two floors

Main hall: 296m²  
Stage: 56m²
204 seats with cinema seating
104 seats with mobile platforms
105 standing places (50.26m²)
70 standing places in front of the stage (23.40 m²)

Foyer: 130m²
with Bar
standing places
Video data projector Epson EB225U 5000 Ansi Lumen WUXGA 1920x1200 with screen 3x2 meters (aspect ratio 16:9)

Free space: 80m²
64 seats in row seating
49 seats in banquet seating
99 standing places

Hall of mirrors: 75m²
70 seats in row seating
50 seats in banquet seating
99 standing places
Video data projector Epson EB225U 5000 Ansi Lumen WUXGA 1920x1200 with screen 3x2 meters (aspect ratio 16:9)

Artists' dressing rooms: 5.19m² and 5.05m²

Main hall 

Audio technology:
Audio mixer: Yamaha TF3 max. 48 channels digital 32 channels on stage
2x Sennheiser handheld microphone Serie G4 (e835 Kapsel)
Main plant Audio PA: L-Acoustics  Left/Center/Right + 2xSUB 
• Left und right: je 2x Arcs Focus + 1x Arcs Wide per page
• Center: L-acoustics 112P (activ)
• SUB: 2x SB28 
• Power amplifier: L-Acoustics LA12X
Surround boxes 8 pieces dB technology 8/1 for cinema operation
Monitoring regie room: 2x JBL monitors (type: 3 Series MKII active)
4x Audio Monitors 15‘‘ Coax (dB Technology) activ on the stage including combination cable
2x digital stage box on stage, 16 IN and 8 OUT each (Yamaha Tio 1608-D) 
2x Audio player in the foyer and seminar room: APART PCR3000 MKIII (CD/USB/SD/DAB Player)

Light technology:
1x Light mixer ETC element2 + Touchscreen
48 Dimmer circuits (3kW per channel; ETC sensor 3)
10 profile spotlights 750W ETC Source Four Zoom 15 ° -30 ° (2 each on the side towers, 2 on train 3 in the hall and 4 on train 4 in the hall)
16 Fresnel 750W ETC Source four 750W (10 pieces on stage, 6 pieces on train 3 in the hall)
10 LED headlights ETC Colour Source Par (4 pieces in the front part of the stage, 6 pieces in the rear part of the stage)
2x lines with dimmed circles, fixed current and DMX connections
2x lines (ring traverses) with dimmed circles, fixed current, DMX connections
DMX- Connections in the hall for external consoles and on the stage
2x RDM / DMX Booster Major à 12 Outputs (technical room)

Video technology:
1x Blue Ray Player DN 500BD in the regie room
Projectors and screens:
• 1x rear stage video data projector Epson EB225U 5000 Ansi Lumen WUXGA 1920x1200 with screen 4x3 meters (aspect ratio 16:9)
• 11x stage front cinema projector Barco PKG DP 2K - 10S 9000 Ansi Lumen resolution 2K with screen 7x5 meters for playing digital films via Doremi server

The cultural center Astra is located at Romstraße 11 in Brixen right next to the Forum Brixen.

Main hall on the ground floor

Foyer on the ground floor

Free space on the basement

Hall of mirrors on the basement


Booking room

Event room
to the events


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