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Prihsna Hall

The large Prihsna Hall on the ground floor is the heart of our house. Planned with a multifunctional vision, with friendly, clear maple wood on walls and ceiling, the hall is destined to host a variety of events like no other in South Tyrol.
  • 622 m²
  • space for up to 555 people
  • variable size and height-adjustable stage elements
  • retractable orchestra pit
  • telescopic stand (pitched and flat seating)
  • multimedia and audio system
  • lighting and blackout systems
  • extendable by two foyers as well as a covered outdoor area
  • level access to the kitchen
  • infrared simultaneous interpretation system

Seating types

Please click on the symbol and you will see the floor plan and the indicated seating type.

130–370 persons
max. 600 persons
max. 260 persons

max. 436 persons
max. 490 persons


  • On even ground; with mobile podiums it is possible to lift single areas (e.g. speaker’s tribune, catwalks) up to max. 1 m
  • As a classical theatre or concert hall with inclined seating, thanks to a movable stage front gate on a rail with 11,9 x 6 m clearance and full technical equipment, as well as two tribunes for the audience with seating which can be sunk into the pavement.


  • Net stage area: 12 x 12 m, additionally a 2 m deep forestage and two side stages (6 x 10 m) on the left and the right side of the main stage – opening the dividing walls, 100 m² are added.
  • Stage tower: 12,5 m
  • Pit in front of the stage: 16 x 4 m; it can be sunk in 3 steps to the level of the storage and technical floor underneath the hall.
  • The stage can be supplied through a sliding gate (4,5 x 4 m) with direct access for trucks.

Stage technique (upper machinery)

  • 4 line sets behind the stage
  • 16 lines
  • 2 hall line sets (all of them hydraulically powered
  • 60 mm cross section of the pipe, bearing capacity: 250 kg)
  • 4 lines for lighting (hydraulically powered
  • 60 mm cross section of pipe, bearing capacity: 1000 kg)
  • 2 acoustic reflectors

Light technique

  • Stage lighting facility with digital console (DMX 512, 250 rings, adequate for the control system of multifunctional spotlights, 2 monitors, wireless radio remote control)
  • approx. 70 spotlights including 6 motor-operated spotlights, 2 follow spots and 10 DMX lines
  • 1 converter for the connections of host desks with other protocols: 120 dimmer rings with 2.5 kVA.
  • Hall light: 126 halogen-ceran-ceiling spotlights (dimmable through Crestron touch panel lines or groups)

Acoustic engineering

  • 1 loudspeaker system with L-C-R-loudspeakers and 2 subwoofers at the stage gate and 8 surround loudspeakers in the hall walls
  • 4 stage monitors (approx. 8 kW total power)
  • 1 digital mixer (Soundcraft 324 digital live, 18 inp.)
  • 1 mobile stage box XLR (24 send, 8 return)
  • 1 CD player (Pioneer)
  • 1 CD-MD player (Sony)
  • 1 double cassette deck (Denon)
  • 4 wireless microphones with palm transmitter (Sennheiser ew 100) and 3 headset radio microphones with palm transmitter (Sennheiser ew 100)
  • 6 all-round microphones (Sennheiser-Kondensator)
  • 5 goose neck conference microphones (Crown).
  • Various accessories (tripods, cables et cetera)
  • Adaptable hall acoustics through panels and motor-operated curtains, according to the event.
  • Crestron touch panel control system

Video technology

  • 1 motor-operated (8 x 6 m) screen in the movable stage gate
  • 2 video data projectors (BARCO DLP 5000 ANSI Lumen)
  • 1 VGA switcher (connections for computers on stage and in the director’s room)
  • 1 AV matrix (16 in, 16 out)
  • 1 DVD player
  • 1 S-VHS video recorder
  • 1 overhead projector
  • 2 slide projectors
  • Crestron touch panel control system

Cinema technology

  • 35 mm film projector Dolby surround processor
  • audio equipment as mentioned above

Stage direction

  • Spacious direction cabin in the back area of the hall (21 x 3 m) with 2 interpreting cabins
  • Mixers and equipment for the control system and monitoring of the lighting, audio and stage technique
  • Large area for the disposition of tour equipment. Interfaces with the in-house installation

Simultaneous interpreting cabins according to ISO 4043

  • 2 acoustically isolated and air-conditioned interpreting cabins (1,60 mx 1,60 m, 2 m height) with 2 seats each in the direction room with direct eye contact with the speakers, PowerPoint and slide presentations
  • Wireless infrared-interpreting equipment with 98 handy infrared receivers, headsets (one-way) and infrared projectors


  • Bösendorfer Mod. 290 Imperial (Width: 168 cm, Length: 290 cm, Weight: 552 kg)
  • Steinway & Sons Mod. B211 (Width: 148 cm, Length: 211 cm, Weight: 354 kg)

You will find all detailed technical plans for the Prihsna Hall here:



Dinner or meeting?
Thanks to its flat or pitched seating and available stage, the Prihsna Hall is the Forum Bressanone's all-rounder.

Please click on the symbol and you will see the floor plan.

130–370 persons

max. 600 persons

max. 260 persons

max. 436 persons
max. 490 persons



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