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Regensburg Hall

Regensburg Hall on the first floor, named after the Bavarian twin city of Bressanone, is the second largest hall in the cultural and congress centre Forum Bressanone.

Behind the hall you find an artist’s wardrobe, in front of the hall the inviting foyer with the bar is a meeting point – for a break or a festive reception.
  • 175 m²
  • space for up to 150 people
  • ideal for conventions and seminars

Seating types

Row seating
max. 150 persone (PDF)

max. 150 persone

Parliament seating
max. 110 persone

U-shaped seating (seats and tables)
max. 40 persone
U-shaped seating (only seats)
max. 55 persone

Regensburg Hall is equipped with its own fixed multimedia facilities:

  • video data projector Acer P6600 (with WUXGA resolution 1920x1200 and 5000 AnsiLumen brightness)
  • motor-operated silver screen (2,80 x 2,50 m)S-VHS video recorder
  • CD-/DVD player
  • blue ray player
  • audio mixer and power amplifier, signal matrix AV
  • connection for 3 conference microphones
  • 2 wireless microphones
  • 2 speakers (600 Watt each)
  • internet and telephone connection
  • overhead projector
  • flip chart
  • pin board
  • blackboard
  • piano: Schulze-Pollmann
  • simultaneous interpreting equipment according to ISO 4043*

All multimedia equipment, hall illumination and dimming (roller blinds) are easily manageable through key buttons or Crestron touch panels.

*2 acoustically isolated and air-conditioned interpreting cabins (1,60 m x 1,60 m, 2 m height) with 2 seats each in the direction room of Prihsna Hall. The hall is visible and operable by remote-control and a video camera from the cabins. Wireless infrared interpreting equipment with 98 handy infrared receivers, headsets (one-way) and infrared spotlights.

The Regensburg hall on the first floor:




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